This is the first post of a series on home automation and Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is a topic that never caught by attention. I have seen a lot of hype about how it would become the next great thing. But I never saw it exploding, not in the same way Internet or the Web did.

However, after I became a house owner, I started to envision the possibilities of playing with my own house. I didn’t have the limits of renting anymore. I could do whatever I want, like cutting a cupboard in a half to make room for a higher fridge… and place a computer inside it.

Besides, I discovered an entire new world of devices at very affordable prices with a blooming open community. My head explodes when I think in all the possibilities and new cool things. Despite the time constraints of a full time job and raising a child.

In this series I will write my last advances on home automation. I will try to use open hardware and free open source software while I can.

I started buying our open source thermostat. Because if you don’t have root access to your thermostat, someone else does

I do have root access to my thermostat

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