Vacuum cleaner has jobs to be done

After I gained root access to my vacuum cleaner robot, a new world of opportunities emerges. This is the great aspect of owning your own home devices. And it is geometric. After you add a new liberated device to your home mesh, you can start thinking on all the combinations among your other devices, even […]

I do have root access to my vacuum cleaner

When I started this IoT journey, my goal was using always free open source hardware and software. At least, as much as I could, given the available possibilities. The next stage in the journey was the vacuum cleaner There is clearly a challenge in this stage: would I find free/open source hardware in the vacuum […]

Visualizing temperatures and heating cycles

During these last days, the weather went crazy in Madrid. A great snowstorm was followed by a great freeze. It was hard for our heater to catch up. But also, a perfect scenario for learning more about what is going on with temperatures inside and outside the house! Since the beginning, when I started with […]

Thermostat becomes a roller shutter UI

Open source software and hardware is often hard. Contrary to proprietary and closed solutions like Apple’s, open / free alternatives are often not polished. They usually take you lots of work to make them usable. However, they give you all the power. You can do anything you want with them… Like turning a thermostat into […]

ANAVI Thermometer – HestiaPi integration

This integration works with HestiaPi Touch ONE v1.2 These changes need the HestiaPi Touch UI to be updated with my anavi-thermometer branch. Add-ons ANAVI Thermometer publishes values in JSON. They are easy parsed in OpenHAB with the JSONPath transformation add-on. We will need to install it first Things and items ANAVI Thermometer We create a […]

Open Bedroom Thermometer: Aesthetic Customization

I am pretty happy with my University education. I studied Telecommunications Engineering in Spain, which is a mix of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication Systems. I think it gave me a solid base for a broad range of topics, from the signals inside a circuit to software engineering principles. However, something I have missed […]

Open Bedroom Thermometer

Open Bedroom Thermometer

After setting up the mighty open source and open hardware Hestia PI in the living room, an extra thermometer in the bedroom was the next step. Hestia PI‘s does its job amazingly well during the day. But when the night comes, we don’t care about the temperature in the living room, but in the bedroom. […]

Debugging in Kweb

I have been recently hacking on HestiaPi‘s interface, so I could add the measures from ANAVI Thermometer to HestiaPi‘s interface. When I first tried to deploy the last version of the interface, it didn’t work It looked like a Javascript error, so I tried to see what was going on in Kweb, the browser that […]