My thermostat, with root access

HestiaPi looks awesome. An open software and open hardware project, Raspberry Pi based, customizable LCD touch screen, it is all you can ask as a basis for your home IoT infrastructure. It took some time to arrive though. I ordered it via Crowd Supply, a great site with wonderful open hardware gadgets and solid ethic […]

Teaching the computer to talk

One of the first cool things you want to do with your kitchen computer is teaching it to talk. The visits come and you ask it to play music or open the roller shutters. Cool! But current solutions come with a cost. Some people don’t care if their conversations are sent to servers at the […]

More than a huge tablet in the kitchen

One of the first ideas I wanted to fulfill was having a huge tablet in the kitchen I envisioned several usages: Playing music while cooking Managing the shopping list, synchronized with our mobile phones Watching tv / netflix / youtube videos Showing a clock / weather / other statuses when idle I started looking for […]


This is the first post of a series on home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) IoT is a topic that never caught by attention. I have seen a lot of hype about how it would become the next great thing. But I never saw it exploding, not in the same way Internet or the […]